Street Food at its very best...

“Main Event” can be found at many different venues around the westcountry serving delicious food in one of our many guises, so make sure you keep an eye out for us!

World Food

People, eating habits & exploration of food are constantly changing, realising that ‘World Food’ has evolved on a journey of discovery around the world and since 2013 has changed to produce & offer a vast array of global food options through its informal & extremely flexible operation.

Whether it’s a music festival, street food event or a wedding, ‘World Food’ has captured the imagination of many, this has been demonstrated through us being the most photographed operation appearing at fashionable & trendy street food events.

Our options are endless, but to give you a flavour; You can choose from an exotic Persian wrap, a seductive Spanish seafood paella or maybe even some mysterious Moroccan cuisine? The choice is yours! But don’t limit your imagination, if you have an idea….tell us!

If you want a creative, dedicated and creative catering solution for your event give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.


Rumour has it that the ‘Bay of Pigs’ war was won on ‘Pambazo’ and that the Cuban soldiers were fed on ‘Pambazo’ before they faced the enemy? Maybe that is why ‘Pambazo’ is referred to as ‘The Revolutionary Sandwich’?

At Main Event SW we have recreated the ‘Pambazo’ and in the heat of the South West you will find this delicious sandwich on sale and many of the events & festivals that you attend, just keep an eye out for the colourful flags…and that’ll be where we are!

To give you an insight in to the ‘Pambazo’ delight we have recreated the sandwich to as near to the Cuban original as we could get, the sandwich is built by; dipping the bread in spicy olive oil which gives the bread its notorious orange-red sprinkled coloration. Once the bread has been soaked and the excess of oil eliminated, it is sliced in two and used as a sandwich, filling it with papas con chorizo (potatoes with chorizo). It is then garnished with shredded lettuce, salsa, guacamole, jack cheese & sour cream.

If all this sounds ‘up your street’ and you want to find out how we can cater for your event, contact us now.

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